Section 125 Plan

Requires applicants for the Health Safety Net to be enrolled in other publicly-funded health programs, if eligible. Applicants deemed ineligible for such programs are required to provide the name and address of their employer and their own identifying information, including social security number.
Requires creation of a form for employers to verify that they provide section 125 plans. Also requires creation of a form for employers to verify that employees who declined employer sponsored coverage have alternative coverage. Creates fine for employers who falsify or fail to submit forms.
Provides definitions for General Law chapter 151F, which requires employers with 11 or more employees to maintain a "cafeteria plan" to provide health benefits to workers.
Establishes the requirement that all employers with more than 10 employees must maintain a "Section 125" cafeteria plan to give employees access to pre-tax health insurance payments.
Authorizes the attorney general to enforce the cafeteria plan regulations of employer sponsored health insurance provisions.