Section 42 (Part 1): Health Safety Net Eligibility

Notwithstanding any general or special law to the contrary, an applicant for uncompensated care pool assistance, if eligible, shall be enrolled in MassHealth under section 9A of chapter 118E, the insurance reimbursement program under section 9C of said chapter 118E or the commonwealth care health insurance program under chapter 118H. An applicant deemed ineligible for these programs and who is unable to make all or part of the payment for health services shall provide the name and address of his employer, if any, and his name, address and date of birth. The division shall collaborate with the division of insurance and the department of revenue to implement this section and sections 6C and 18.


Requires applicants for the Health Safety Net to be enrolled in other publicly-funded health programs, if eligible. Applicants deemed ineligible for such programs are required to provide the name and address of their employer and their own identifying information, including social security number.