UPDATED: Health Care Costs and Spending in Massachusetts: A Review of the Evidence

This comprehensive chartpack features, in one easy-to-use resource, data and complete references on topics including Massachusetts health care spending trends, cost drivers, and variations in pricing, as well as key differences in health care cost trends between Massachusetts and the U.S. This chartpack pulls together many of the major findings and analyses from recent state and national research efforts including reports by the Massachusetts Center for Health Information and Analysis and the Massachusetts Attorney General’s Office, as well as analyses by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services and the Dartmouth Atlas of Health Care.

This chartpack was originally assembled by the Foundation in collaboration with Amitabh Chandra at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government and Josephine Fisher at Amherst College, and updates have been made by Foundation staff. This document has been designed to support the use of the charts in slide presentations, and we encourage readers to use them. We plan to update this chart pack regularly.