Summary of the MassHealth 1115 Waiver

This report, written by Robert Seifert, Michael Grenier, and Jean Sullivan of the Center for Health Law and Economics at the University of Massachusetts Medical School, summarizes the history of the MassHealth 1115 waiver and examines the key components of the new waiver extension, organized around five themes: coverage, services, delivery redesign, support for the safety net, and looking to the future. This most recent waiver extension, which the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) granted in October 2014, is for five years (until June 30, 2019). However, a major component—the Safety Net Care Pool—was extended for only three years (until June 30, 2017), with the terms for the remaining two years subject to further negotiation.


In conjunction with the full report, the authors developed an abbreviated summary of the MassHealth 1115 waiver, which provides an overview of the new provisions approved under the waiver renewal.