How to Apply

The Massachusetts Institute for Community Health Leadership (MICHL) has over 180 graduates from more than ten years of the program.

This is an opportunity for emerging leaders in a variety of community-based health care settings in Massachusetts to participate in leadership development with a new cohort of professionals who are experiencing many of the same challenges, demands, and benefits of this work. Not only will you have the opportunity to join a network of promising leaders across the state, but your growth and engagement in the program that begins with this initial nine-month experience will extend for many years, as a result of building a supportive group of contacts.

In addition, you will have access to a highly skilled, committed and diverse faculty who are dedicated to enhancing your leadership competencies and introducing you to new practices and strategies that will ultimately benefit your organization. MICHL promotes learning and implementing collaborative leadership, which is critical to working in a complex and dynamic health care industry.

Organizations of the applicants who are selected for MICHL are required to pay a modest fee of $600.  The Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts Foundation underwrites all other costs of this 18-session experiential development program.

If there are additional questions about the MICHL program, please email Sharon Bueno Washington.

The MICHL application process is now closed.  New applications will be accepted in June of 2023.

New program details will be updated on May 1, 2023.