What We Fund

The Foundation supports community-based organizations that serve low-income and vulnerable populations in Massachusetts. Below is a list of the different grant program areas that support the Foundation’s mission by addressing issues of health care access and affordability. During the appropriate grant cycles, proposals for the Catalyst Fund, Connecting Consumers with Care, Fostering Effective Integration of Behavioral Health and Primary Care, Social Equity and Health, and Strengthening the Voice for Access grant areas will be accepted from organizations that are tax exempt under section 501c3 of the IRS code. If an organization does not have its own tax exempt designation, as described above, the Foundation will accept the appropriate tax exempt designation for a fiscal agent. Additionally, the Foundation does not accept applications from religious institutions, direct clinical care programs, for-profit institutions, or individuals.

The Foundation recognizes that many important and effective health care organizations serve the needs of low-income and vulnerable consumers in the Commonwealth. However, for the major grant program areas – aside from the Catalyst Fund – the Foundation does not fund proposals to support direct clinical care, specific demographic segments (e.g. only children, only women, etc.), long-term care, hospice and palliative care, and initiatives focused solely on the care of a particular disease or medical condition.

Catalyst Fund

The Catalyst Fund provides one-year, non-renewable grants to help community-based health care organizations strengthen their capacity to expand access to health care in Massachusetts. 


In response to the growing needs associated with COVID-19, the Catalyst Fund is only accepting proposals from grassroots organizations responding to community needs caused by the virus.

Connecting Consumers with Care

Connecting Consumers with Care provides grants to Massachusetts health centers and community-based organizations that assist low-income and vulnerable populations with accessing, maintaining, and navigating health insurance coverage.


Expanding Access to Behavioral Health Urgent Care

By funding an initial planning year, the Foundation’s goal is to build upon the Commonwealth’s existing Emergency Services Program (ESP) system and collaborate with existing ESPs to expand access to immediate crisis stabilization, and facilitation of the timely ongoing resources and services that promote treatment and recovery. The Foundation will work with funded ESPs to develop a shared vision of an enhanced delivery model of behavioral health urgent care. During the planning year, funded programs will 1) contemplate and document what is needed to develop and implement an enhanced model; 2) identify what can be built by the grantee and what can be accomplished with the right partnerships; 3) verify the barriers and challenges to improving the system, and potential solutions; and 4) determine the appropriate milestones and measures of success for a subsequent multi-year grant program.


Going Beyond Health Care: Addressing Social Determinants Through a Cross-Sector Approach

Going Beyond Health Care is a three-year grant program that supports capacity building and infrastructure development for interdisciplinary teams to coordinate in addressing non-clinical and clinical needs for low-income and vulnerable populations.  The teams are led by a social service organization, and include health care and other human service organizations that can collaboratively assist individuals and families with health-related social needs, which will hopefully serve as replicable models across the Commonwealth when the program concludes in December 2021.


Policy and Research Grants

Policy and Research grants support the analysis and evaluation of health care access, costs, and care delivery by investigators representing diverse disciplines and backgrounds and seek to identify and fill knowledge gaps related to the potential impact, cost savings, and/or improvements in health status, outcomes, or access associated with existing or potential policies, programs, or care delivery approaches in Massachusetts.


Racial Justice in Health

The Foundation is pleased to announce a new grant program under the Structural Racism and Racial Inequities in Health focus area. Racial Justice in Health will provide up to $50,000 for people of color-led, grassroots organizations to strengthen their capacity and expertise in health and health care advocacy. In addition to grant funding, the program will provide technical assistance for organizations interested in dismantling institutional and structural racism in health and health care delivery through community engagement, building grassroots power, and developing campaigns, strategic partnerships, and policy advocacy to improve the health care experience in Massachusetts for communities of color.


Special Initiatives

The Foundation will provide a limited number of one-year Special Initiatives grants of up to $25,000 to support nonprofits undertaking activities that impact the health of Massachusetts residents who have been economically, socially, ethnically or racially marginalized. The program has three areas of focus: 1) developing a pilot or demonstration project that responds to the health-related needs of the community or the applicant organization as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic or racial inequities; 2) evaluating and/or deepening organizational changes implemented due to the pandemic or the recent racial justice movement or; 3)  engaging in activities that are aligned with the Foundation’s strategic priorities to promote access to quality care and coverage, behavioral health services, and eliminate structural racism and racial inequity in health.  


Strengthening the Voice for Access

Strengthening the Voice for Access provides grants for general operating support to Massachusetts statewide advocacy organizations whose mission and activities focus exclusively or significantly on promoting the health care interests of low-income Massachusetts residents.