Connector Board

Provides Connector Commonwealth Care program definitions. Note: the definition of "resident" has been superseded by provisions in the FY 2011 budget and section 95 of chapter 359 of the Acts of 2010.
Establishes the Connector as an authority within the Executive Office of Administration and Finance. Establishes the governance of the Connector by the 10-member board, chaired by the Secretary of Administration and Finance. The board is made up of 4 state officials and 6 citizens.
Authorizes the Connector Board to offer insurance products to individuals and small businesses, publish a schedule for premiums at which individuals of varying ages are eligible, and establish a schedule for affordability to be used in enforcing the individual mandate based upon percentage of income eligible to be spent on health care.
Directs the Connector's Executive Director to submit a plan of operation and recommendations for amendments to its statute to the Board of the Connector by August 1, 2006.
Staggers the initial lengths of terms for new members of the Connector Board.