New Programs

Section 9: Commission on Falls Prevention

Establishes a commission on falls prevention to study the effects of falls on older adults and the health care costs associated with such falls. In addition to suggesting strategies for reducing health care costs associated with falls, the commission must recommend effective preventive measures to protect older adults, including the creation of support programs to reach out to the most vulnerable. The commission must submit an annual report to the legislature noting the commission's progress and recommendations.

Section 44: Health Connector Small Group Wellness Incentive Program

Directs the Health Connector, in coordination with the Department of Public Health, to create a small group wellness pilot program to encourage small businesses to implement employee wellness incentive programs. The Health Connector shall provide funding and technical assistance to eligible qualified small businesses for program implementation. Funding for the subsidy program is limited and subject to state appropriation, so the Health Connector may cap enrollment in the program if funds are insufficient to meet the costs of enrolling new employers.

The Health Connector must establish regulations necessary to implement this program and annually report to the legislature on the enrollment and impact of small group wellness incentive programs.