What to Know About ACOs: The Latest on MassHealth Accountable Care Organizations

This brief builds upon a July 2018 publication, What to Know About ACOs: An Introduction to Accountable Care Organizations, which was developed as a resource for stakeholders (i.e., providers, health care administrators, and policymakers) to help explain the key elements of MassHealth ACOs, including the three types of ACOs, who they serve, and the services they provide. With Year 2 of the MassHealth ACO program now well underway, this updated edition provides information on new developments in the structure and features of the ACO program, including:

  • Expanded information about the Community Partners Program;
  • A new section explaining the Flexible Services Program;
  • A list of the finalized measures by which ACO quality will be assessed; and
  • Updated enrollment data, timelines, and resources for additional information.