Strategies for Meaningfully Engaging MassHealth Members to Inform Program and Policy Decisions

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Recognizing that member input is essential for effectively improving health outcomes and advancing equity, MassHealth and other Medicaid agencies across the country are increasingly engaging with members to inform program and policy design. MassHealth currently employs a variety of approaches for soliciting member feedback on program design and policy changes, and has signaled its commitment to strengthening its member engagement approach.

This report aims to inform MassHealth’s efforts to strengthen its overall member engagement strategy. The report:

  1. Outlines a framework for understanding different strategies along a continuum of community involvement for engaging with individuals with lived experience.
  2. Summarizes MassHealth’s current approach to engaging with members.
  3. Describes a set of guiding principles for building a meaningful statewide Medicaid member engagement strategy.
  4. Introduces a series of recommendations for building and strengthening MassHealth’s current member engagement strategy.

This is the first of two reports in a series on member engagement. The second report, which takes a deeper look at one specific member engagement tool – Community Advisory Boards (CABs) – will be released this summer.