MassHealth Impact Series


This five-part series of issue briefs describes MassHealth’s impact on the health and finances of its members, families, and communities, as well as on the wide variety of stakeholders and sectors outside of the traditional health care realm that benefit from the program, including:

  • the Commonwealth’s schools and school‐aged children, teens, and young adults;
  • the state’s economy and businesses, including how MassHealth supports working families, reduces uncompensated care costs, and draws federal funds into the state;
  • the behavioral health care system, addressing how MassHealth provides coverage, access, and delivery of services across the full behavioral health care continuum; and
  • justice-involved persons, describing how MassHealth supports re-entry into the community.

Key findings from this series were featured at a Foundation virtual event on Wednesday, June 30th from 2:00-4:00 pm. Click here to view event materials.