Faces of MassHealth: Portrait of a Diverse Population

This collection of materials goes beyond the topline statistics often used to characterize those served by MassHealth in order to paint a richer, more meaningful picture of the more than one in four Massachusetts residents enrolled in the program. MassHealth serves our most vulnerable residents across their life spans from infants and children with special needs who gain access to comprehensive health care and support services required to reach their full potential, to the elderly and those living with disabilities who receive community based care that helps them remain in their homes. This detailed set of data and narrative profiles of MassHealth enrollees illustrate many of the life circumstances that create a need for MassHealth, and the various ways that MassHealth impacts individuals and their families. Fully understanding who MassHealth enrollees are and hearing from them about the role MassHealth plays in their lives is critical to informing policy and program development.

This project includes the following components:

  1. A chart pack summarizing the demographic and socioeconomic characteristics of individuals enrolled in MassHealth as of June 2018.
  2. Five journalistic profiles of a diverse set of real MassHealth members.
  3. A databook that provides more detail on the quantitative findings presented in the chart pack.