Going Beyond Health Care: Addressing Social Determinants Through a Cross-Sector Approach

Going Beyond Health Care:  Addressing Social Determinants Through a Cross-Sector Approach provides funding to build the capacity and infrastructure for interdisciplinary teams to coordinate in addressing non-clinical and clinical needs for low-income and vulnerable populations across the age spectrum.  The teams are led by a social service organization and include health care and other human service organizations that can collaboratively assist individuals and families.  The goal of the three-year grant program is to demonstrate that when supported, these teams can devise a means of coordinating services that leads to: 1) increased health care access and improved health status for clients; 2) stabilization or improvement in social needs; 3) cross-sector collaboration; and 4) development of standardized non-clinical and clinical metrics that measure the effect of their efforts.

The program began with a planning year to develop a team infrastructure, workflows, and scope of services to clients.  The partnerships are currently implementing their cross-sector strategies, which can hopefully serve as replicable models across the Commonwealth when the program concludes in December 2021. 

This program area is not currently accepting applications.  For a listing of current grant recipients, click "Recent Awards" to the left.