Expanding Access to Behavioral Health Urgent Care

Expanding Access to Behavioral Health Urgent Care provides an initial one year of planning funding to build upon the Commonwealth’s existing Emergency Services Program (ESP) system and collaborate with existing ESPs to expand access to immediate crisis stabilization and a community-based continuum of care that promotes treatment and recovery. The Foundation will work with funded ESPs to develop a shared vision of an enhanced delivery model of behavioral health urgent care. Applicants considered for funding will be ESPs that: 1) describe their current model for providing 24/7/365 access to crisis stabilization and assessment to adults with mental and substance use disorders, and co-occurring conditions; 2) have programs that include linkages with other essential community-based resources and institutions to ensure triage and access to the appropriate next level of care; 3) serve a clearly defined geographic area with immediate services onsite and access to other necessary providers; and 4) describe how they will address diversions from avoidable emergency department utilization.

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