Section 90: Young Adult Plans Regulations

The division of insurance, with the advice and consent of the director of the connector, shall issue regulations to define coverage for young adult health benefit plans, and to implement this section. Eligibility for enrollment in a qualifying young adult health insurance program will be restricted to individuals between the ages of 18 and 26, inclusive, who do not otherwise have access to health insurance coverage subsidized by an employer. Coverage for young adults shall provide reasonably comprehensive coverage of inpatient and outpatient hospital services and physician services for physical and mental illness and shall provide all services which a carrier is required to include under applicable division of insurance statutes and regulations, including, but not limited to, mental health services, emergency services, and any health service or category of health service provider which a carrier is required by its licensing or other statute to include in its health benefit plans. Any carrier offering young adult health plans must offer at least 1 product that includes coverage for outpatient prescription drugs. Coverage for young adults may impose reasonable copayments, coinsurance and deductibles and may use cost control techniques commonly used in the health insurance industry, including tiered provider networks and selective provider contracting.

Such plans shall only be offered by a carrier that, as of the close of any preceding calendar year, has a combined total of 5,000 or more eligible individuals, eligible employees and eligible dependents, who are enrolled in health plans sold, issued, delivered, made effective or renewed to qualified small businesses or eligible individuals pursuant to its license under chapter 175, chapter 176A, chapter 176B or chapter 176G. Further, such plans shall only be offered through the commonwealth health insurance connector as defined in chapter 176Q. Premium rates for young adult plans shall be consistent with section 3.


Establishes insurance plan coverage criteria for Young Adults to be set by Division of Insurance. Only individuals between 19 & 26 who do not have employer-sponsored coverage are eligible for these products. Only insurance carriers with 5,000 or more enrollees may offer Young Adult plans, and the plans must be offered through the Connector.