Section 8 (Part 4): Developmental Services Trust Fund

There is hereby established and set up on the books of the commonwealth a separate fund to be known as the Department of Developmental Services Trust Fund, in this section called the trust fund, administered by the secretary of health and human services. There shall be credited to the trust fund: (a) any receipts from the assessment collected under section 27 of chapter 118G, including transfers by the department of developmental services of amounts sufficient to pay the assessment for public facilities, (b) any federal financial participation received by the commonwealth as a result of expenditures funded by such assessments, and (c) any interest thereon. The secretary may authorize expenditures of amounts from such trust fund without further appropriation. The comptroller shall transfer to the trust fund no later than the first business day of each quarter, the amounts indicated by the department of developmental services to provide the appropriate payment adjustments for operating the intermediate care facilities for the mentally retarded and the community residences serving individuals with mental retardation. The comptroller shall establish procedures necessary to effectuate this section, including procedures for the proper transfer, accounting, and expenditures of funds. The comptroller may make payments in anticipation of receipts and shall establish procedures for reconciling overpayments and underpayments from the trust fund. The secretary shall report semi-annually to the house and senate committees on ways and means on the revenue and expenditure activity within the trust fund.


Creates the Department of Developmental Services Trust Fund used to make payments to facilities serving developmentally disabled individuals.