Section 66A: Supplemental Reimbursement to Individuals and Small Groups

Notwithstanding any general or special law to the contrary, a participating provider, as defined in chapter 176O of the General Laws, may contract with a carrier, as defined in chapter 176J of the General Laws, to provide one-time supplemental funding for the purposes of issuing refunds for all health benefit plans issued to its current eligible individuals and small groups under said chapter 176J. The refund may take the form of either a refund on the premium for the applicable 12-month period or any other form determined by the parties by contract. The division of insurance may require the filing of such contracts after execution for the purposes of ensuring distribution as provided in the contracts. The division shall issue a public report by December 31, 2010 detailing the participating providers who have entered into such contracts in calendar year 2010, the amount of one-time supplemental funding by participating provider, and the estimated aggregate refunds to be provided to eligible individuals and small groups. The commissioner may issue further regulations as necessary to implement this section.


Provides that a health care provider may contract to provide supplemental funding to a health insurance carrier to be used to issue a premium reimbursement or other form of refund for eligible individuals and small groups currently enrolled in all health benefit plans under the carrier. The Division of Insurance (DOI) must issue a public report listing participating providers and the estimated refunds for individuals and small groups.