Section 58: Special Commission To Study Impact of Reducing Health Benefit Plans

Notwithstanding any general or special law to the contrary, there shall be a special commission to make an investigation and study relative to the impact of reducing the number of health benefit plans that a health care payer may maintain and offer to individuals and employers. The commission shall consist of the 13 members including: the commissioner of insurance, who shall serve as chair; the executive director of the commonwealth health insurance connector authority; a representative of the Massachusetts Hospital Association, the Massachusetts Medical Society, the Massachusetts Association of Health Plans, the Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Massachusetts, the Massachusetts Health Information Management Association, the Massachusetts Health Data Consortium, a MassHealth contracted managed care organization, Associated Industries of Massachusetts, a health care consumer group, and the Massachusetts chapter of the National Federation of Independent Business; and a representative of an association of health care providers licensed under chapter 112 of the General Laws who is not a medical doctor. In conducting its analysis, the commission shall examine: (i) the administrative costs associated with paying claims and submitting claims for multiple health benefit plans on health care payers and providers; (ii) the costs associated with reducing the number of health benefit plans on consumer and employer choice; (iii) the impact of limiting the number of health benefit plans on competition between and among insurance payers, including but not limited to, tiered products, limited network products and products with a range of cost sharing options; and (iv) the potential for disruption to the market resulting from closing a health care payer's existing health benefit plans. The special commission shall convene not later than October 1, 2010 and shall submit a report to the clerks of the house and senate not later than December 31, 2010.

Establishes a special commission to study the impact of reducing the number of health plans that a health insurance provider may maintain and offer to individuals and employers.