Section 52: Prohibit Employer Coverage Discrimination

A corporation organized under this chapter may only contract to sell a group non-profit hospital service contract to an employer if the group non-profit hospital service contract is offered by that employer to all full-time employees who live in the commonwealth; provided, however, the employer shall not make a smaller health insurance premium contribution percentage amount to an employee than the employer makes to any other employee who receives an equal or greater total hourly or annual salary for each specific or general blanket policy of insurance for all employees. Notwithstanding the foregoing, a carrier may enter into a contract to sell a group non-profit hospital service contract with an employer that establishes separate contribution percentages for employees covered by collective bargaining agreements.


Provides that Blue Cross plans may only offer policies to employers if the insurance is offered to all full-time employees. The employer must offer to cover the same premium contribution percentage for each employee but may allow greater contribution percentages to lower paid employees and separate percentages for employees with collective bargaining agreements.