Section 45 (Part 4): Commonwealth Care Access and Appeals

All residents shall have the right to apply for the program established by this chapter, the right to receive written determination detailing denial of eligibility, and the right to appeal any eligibility decision, provided such appeal is conducted pursuant to the process established by the board of the commonwealth health insurance connector, established by chapter 176Q. Applicants for said program shall be eligible for subsequent appeals subject to chapter 30A. Notwithstanding any general or special law to the contrary, all eligible individuals on whose behalf premium assistance payments are made, including those enrolled in plans offered by Medicaid managed care organizations referenced in section 28 of chapter 47 of the acts of 1997 shall under this section be entitled to consumer protections as described in chapter 176O.


Provides that all residents of Massachusetts have the right to apply for the Commonwealth Care program, to receive written determinations, and to appeal an adverse decision.