Section 29 (Part 2): MassHealth Wellness Program

The executive office of health and human services shall implement, in cooperation with the department of public health, a wellness program for MassHealth enrollees to encourage activities that lead to desired health outcomes, including smoking cessation, diabetes screening for early detection, teen pregnancy prevention, cancer screening for early detection and stroke education for enrolled individuals. The executive office may reduce MassHealth premiums or copayments, or offer other incentives to encourage enrollees to comply with wellness goals. The executive office shall publish a report annually on: (1) the number of enrollees who meet at least 1 wellness goal; (2) any reduction of copayments or premiums; and (3) any other incentives provided because enrollees met wellness goals. The report shall be submitted to the general court, by filing it with the joint committee on health care financing and the house and senate committees on ways and means.


Creates a Wellness Program for MassHealth recipients to encourage healthy outcomes by authorizing incentives, including reduction of MassHealth premiums or copayments, as wellness goals are met.