Section 104: Outreach and Enrollment Grants Criteria

Item 4000-0352 of section 2 of chapter 45 of the acts of 2005 is hereby amended by inserting after the words "administered by the executive office" the following words: ; provided, that grants shall be awarded to groups statewide, including areas in which the United States Census deems a high percentage of uninsured individuals and areas in which there are limited health care providers; provided further, that funds shall be awarded as grants to community and consumer-focused public and private nonprofit groups to provide enrollment assistance, education and outreach activities directly to consumers who may be eligible for MassHealth or subsidized health care coverage, and who may require individualized support due to geography, ethnicity, race, culture, immigration or disease status and representative of communities throughout the commonwealth; provided further, that funds shall be allocated to provide informational support and technical assistance to recipient organizations and to promote appropriate and effective enrollment activities through the statewide health access network; provided further, that the cost of information support and technical assistance shall not exceed 10 per cent of the appropriation and shall not be used to defray current state obligations to provide this assistance.


Provides outreach and enrollment grants to community and public and private nonprofit groups, located in areas with high percentages of uninsured individuals, that provide enrollment assistance, education, and outreach programs to individuals who may be eligible for MassHealth or other subsidized health plans.