Section 101 (Part 15): Connector Annual Progress Reports

No later than 2 years after the connector begins operation and every year thereafter, the connector shall conduct a study of the connector and the persons enrolled in the connector and shall submit a written report to the governor, the president of the senate, the speaker of the house of representatives, the chairs of the joint committee on health care financing, and the house and senate committees on ways and means on status and activities of the connector based on data collected in the study. The report shall also be available to the general public upon request. The study shall review:

(1) the operation and administration of the connector, including surveys and reports of health benefits plans available to eligible individuals and on the experience of the plans. The experience on the plans shall include data on enrollees in the connector and enrollees purchasing health benefit plans as defined by chapter 176J outside of the connector, the operation and administration of the commonwealth care health insurance program described in chapter 118H, expenses, claims statistics, complaints data, how the connector met its goals, and other information deemed pertinent by the connector; and

(2) any significant observations regarding utilization and adoption of the connector.


Establishes a requirement that the Connector must conduct a study and report on its progress to the Massachusetts Legislature 2 years after operation and every year thereafter.