Research and Process Leading To Enactment

Lessons Learned to Date From The Massachusetts Healthcare Reform

Brief published for SEIU by Celia Wcislo, Malini Cadambi, and Yvonne Lui providing details on the passage of health reform and a comprehensive look at Chapter 58 and its implications. (August 2007)

Roadmap to Coverage Reports, 2002 - 2007

Series of BCBS of Massachusetts Foundation reports that helped build and sustain the movement toward health reform by providing objective research on options for covering the uninsured in Massachusetts.

Forging Consensus: The Path to Health Reform in Massachusetts

BCBS of Massachusetts Foundation report by Irene M. Wielawski on how various interests in Massachusetts health care and politics overcame their differences and agreed to support reform based on “shared responsibility.” (July 2007)

Massachusetts Community Leaders Discuss the Enactment of Health Reform

BCBS of Massachusetts Foundation 2006 annual report, including the perspectives of leaders from politics, consumer advocacy, business, health care delivery, and academia on how the Massachusetts health reform law came about, and lessons learned in the process. (July 2007)

Philanthropy and Health Reform, 1982-2008

Community Catalyst report on the role that foundations and other philanthropic organizations played during more than two decades of health care reform efforts in Massachusetts. (January 2009)