Health Disparities: Women, Children, Minorities, and Persons with Disabilities

Have working age people with disabilities shared in the gains of Massachusetts Health Reform?

Inquiry article by investigators from the University of Massachusetts Medical School examining the impact of Massachusetts health reform on working-age people with disabilities (abstract only). (November 2011)

Massachusetts’ Health Care Reform Increased Access to Care for Hispanics, But Disparities Remain

Health Affairs article by James Maxwell of John Snow, Inc. and others demonstrating increased health coverage and access for Hispanics after Massachusetts health reform, but both remain a challenge for Spanish-only speakers (abstract only). (August 2011)

Have Gender Gaps in Insurance Coverage and Access to Care Narrowed under Health Reform? Findings from Massachusetts

American Economic Review: Papers and Proceedings article by Sharon K. Long, Karen Stockley, and Shanna Shulman on gender gaps in insurance coverage and access under Massachusetts health reform. (May 2011)

The Importance of Young Adult Provisions in Massachusetts' Health Reform

State Health Access Reform Evaluation (SHARE) report by Sharon K. Long, Alshadye Yemane, and Karen Stockley on the effect of offering special Young Adult Plans exclusively through the Massachusetts Health Connector, funded through the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. (August 2010)

Health Reform In Massachusetts Cut The Uninsurance Rate Among Children In Half

This study by Genevieve Kenney, Sharon Long, and Adela Luque found that after the implementation of health reform in Massachusetts, the uninsurance rate among children was cut in half. This was a result of increased enrollment of children in MassHealth and employer sponsored insurance. Massachusetts’ success provides an example for national health reform implementation of the strategies that worked to enroll children in health insurance plans (abstract only). (June 2010)

Massachusetts Health Reform: Impact on Women’s Health

Report by Tracey Hyams and Laura Cohen of the Connors Center for Women’s Health and Gender Biology at Brigham and Women’s Hospital on women’s healthcare access, coverage and affordability after Massachusetts health reform. (June 2010)

Low-Income Women’s Access to Contraception after Massachusetts Health Care Reform

Report from Ibis Reproductive Health and the Massachusetts Department of Public Health Family Planning Program, assessing health care reform’s impact on women’s access to contraception and reproductive health services. (September 2009)