Business Community Participation in Health Reform: The Massachusetts Experience

This report funded in part by the Foundation explains how and why Massachusetts business leaders became involved in health reform and the difference their engagement has made and presents the perspectives of individual entrepreneurs, business owners and executives on how Massachusetts health reform has affected their companies, their employees and the overall business climate in Massachusetts. (September 2012)

Massachusetts Health Reform: Employers, Lower-Wage Workers and Universal Coverage

Issue brief by Laurie Felland, Debra Draper, and Allison Liebhaber of the Center for Studying Health System Change that summarizes interviews with Massachusetts health care leaders to understand how the reform law would affect employers decisions to offer health insurance coverage and concerns regarding the affordability of coverage. (July 2007)

Employer Fair Share Contribution

Massachusetts Executive Office of Labor and Workforce Development website provides general information, regulations, and references regarding employer obligations under Massachusetts health reform.

An Analysis of the Essential Role of Employers in Massachusetts Health Care Reform

Report by the Massachusetts Taxpayers Foundation explaining employers' roles and responsibilities under Massachusetts health care reform.

After The Mandates: Massachusetts Employers Continue To Support Health Reform As More Firms Offer Coverage 

Health Affairs article by Jon Gabel, Heidi Whitmore, Jeremy Pickreign, Will Sellheim, Shova KC, and Valerie Bassett on how employers responded to Massachusetts health reform, based on a 2008 survey of employers conducted after the individual mandate and employer “fair share” requirement took effect. (October 2008)

Report From Massachusetts: Employers Largely Support Health Care Reform, And Few Signs Of Crowd-Out Appear

Health Affairs article by Jon Gabel, Heidi Whitmore, and Jeremy Pickreign on how employers responded to early implementation of Massachusetts health reform, based on a 2007 survey of employers. (November 2007)

Data on the Individual Mandate: Tax Year 2009

Massachusetts Health Connector and Department of Revenue final report on the health insurance status of adult tax filers based on 2009 tax year data. View the Department of Revenue’s preliminary report here.